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Technology Leader Mentorship Program

Yesterday I was talking with a CTO colleague and we were lamenting the lack of educational or support resources for technology leaders (CTOs, CEOs of tech cos, etc.) on the “softer” side of the job (people management, group dynamics, process selection, etc.)

I realized we could do something about it, so I decided to organize a technology leadership mentoring program where technology leaders can connect 1:1 with mentors and discuss the challenges of working with the software of our greatest assets: our people.

The format is simple: you’ll either be a mentor or a mentee (or both!) and I’ll connect you with the requisite partner.

We’ll have periodic group events where mentors will present a topic (google hangouts on air) that focuses on the people side.

The mentorship program will run 3 months, although there’s no need to stop if you find that you’re working well with the other person.

If you’d like to be a mentor, or connect with one, please register your interest here:

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I’m going to keep it small to start, so sign up quickly!

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