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How to Setup Eero With Multiple Wired Eero

After upgrading to Gigabit FiOS, I recently setup a series of eero devices in my house, replacing a couple of non-meshed Netgear routers. It wasn’t incredibly obvious how to setup a wired backhaul and so I thought y’all could use some quick pointers, as I got it wrong a few times.

  1. Setup your eero gateway as a wired connection to your internet gateway (FiOS or Comcast router, etc).
  2. Power up the additional eero, and add it to your network with the app
  3. Continue as necessary until they’re all added
  4. Setup a gigabit switch (with requisite CAT6+ cables), and plug it into the gateway eero (not your internet router!)
  5. Relocate eero devices, plug the rest of the eero into the gig switch, power them up


A simple network diagram looks like this:


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