Rogish Reading Writing

Companies, people, products.

Consulting and Speaking

I actively consult with enterprises and startups on how to hire, retain, and grow high-performing product development teams (UI/UX, PM, Eng), integrate lean UX/design into a product development team, and on how to develop an authentic, compelling engineering/product-focused culture.

If you want to build an amazing software product company, I can help you refine the technical requirements, hire great developers, designers, product managers, and set the company on the right track. I can de-risk your business – without you needing to give away any equity!

I’ve presented and given talks at conferences like Philly ETE, Central PA Open Source Conference, CTO Summit, and dozens of different meetups ATL Kubernetes Meetup, NYC CTO School, NYC Full Stack Meetup, and Philly Kubernetes.

I am always available to consult how I can help your company, team, or organization. Drop me an email.