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I’m Matt Rogish and this is my little corner of the internet where I like to discuss software development, business, management, and other things that sound particularly interesting to me.


My mission is to:

  • Cultivate a company culture that recognizes and satisfies the unique needs of software developers
  • Create companies and work environments free of distraction, hassle, and frustration
  • Behave honestly, fairly, and with integrity
  • Advocate and implement the “Results-Only Work Environment”
  • Hire brilliant people and get out of their way in order to produce the best software


I’ve presented at conferences, meetups, and for organizations and corporations. I’d be happy to present at your conference on software development, managing high-performance software teams, building amazing engineering cultures, or anything else found within my blog.

I’m also available for longer-term consulting engagements to help maximize the potential in your existing development/product team or help you build one from scratch.

For more details, please see my speaking and consulting page.

My Background

I started writing BASIC on an old Apple IIe’s in middle school and my family’s first computer was an Apple IIc. In high school, I attended National Computer Camp where I learned Pascal and C – and played entirely too much Doom.

I went to Miami University, in Oxford, OH and graduated with a bachelors in Computer Science and later returned for my MBA. I have worked as a programmer, database administrator, lead Ruby on Rails developer for a non-profit, was CTO for The J. Peterman Company, helped create an awesome open-source mobile application framework as Director of Development for Toura, and built an amazing development team and disruptive financial application as CTO at Funding Gates. I was Director of Product for Single Platform (a Constant Contact company), helping the product team (Design, PM, Engineering) be more awesome and was the CTO of Rails Machine.

Now, I’m co-founder and CEO of ReactiveOps, a self-funded/profitable DevOps services and consulting company. I’ve grown it from zero to over 17 people (and growing!), and grew/led product/strategy and managed the executive team.


I’m particularly inspired by the writing and philosophy of:

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